ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB

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It is a miniature and compact main board which is equipped with a cost-effective RK3308 Core Processor and a high-performance CODEC.

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ROC-RK3308-CC 256M/8GB Quad-Core 64-Bit open source AIoT motherboard

It is a miniature and compact main board which is equipped with a cost-effective RK3308 Core Processor and a high-performance CODEC.

It can support various artificial intelligence and IOT operating systems, and can be configured with six microphone array board and POE expansion board.

ROC-RK3308-CC is a kind of AI+IOT open source main board incorporating many kinds of functions.


Cost-effective Quad-core Processor

It's equipped with cost-effective RK3308 64-Bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35 processor, frequency up to 1.3GHz, and with high-performance CODEC and VAD, which can be used for development of the smart audio solution, automatic speech recognition, etc.


Support Operating Systems And Services

ROC-RK3308-CC supports the Buildroot system now and is about to support ROS, AliOS Things and other operating systems. The voice service function supports three-voice suits: Baidu DuerOS, AISpeech, iFLYTEK, and will support Amazon Alexa later. Rich operating system/service support for AIOT development and product application easily.


Configure Far-field Microphone Array Board

It can be configured with a far-field microphone array board, including 6 digital microphones, 12 three-color LEDs, 5 keys. It supports keyword wakeup, echo cancellation and noise reduction, VAD (Voice Activation Detection) and sound source location etc., which can significantly improve the accuracy and precision of automatic speech recognition.


Support MCU Display Screen

The main board can support MCU Display Screen with the maximum resolution of 480P, which can make display simpler and more convenient.


Rich Expansion Interfaces

Equipped with 40Pin expansion interfaces, including I2C x 3, LCD, PWM x 3, SPI x 1, I2S x 1, SPDIF RX, UART x 2 (one UART is used as Debug) and other interfaces, and can support POE expansion.

sOpen SDK

Open SDK, tutorials, technical materials and development tools to make development easier and more convenient.





Soc RK3308 (28nm process)

Quad-core Cortex-A35, frequency up to 1.3GHz

RAM Support 128MB-512MB DDR3
Storage NandFlash: Support 128MB, 256MB

eMMC: Support 4GB-128GB

SPI Flash:16MB ~512 MB

Support MicroSD (TF) Card Slot expansion

Hardware Features:  

100M Ethernet (RJ45 interface)

WiFi/ Bluetooth

Support 802.11 b/g/n protocol, support Bluetooth 4.2


Support 8-bit MCU Display Screen, of which the resolution is up to 480P


With built-in audio CODEC, including ADC×8 and DAC×2


USB 2.0 × 1、OTG × 1(Type-C)


Debug UART×1, be used for development and debugging

Key Recovery × 1
Interfaces POE (IEEE802.3AT standard)

I2C×3 (iomux), UART×2 (one is for Debug), SPI×1, PWM×3

I2S×1 (iomux), LCD (8-bit MCU)


Microphone Array Module pattern: Circular

Number of array element: 6

Module size: Diameter of 86mm

Wakeup distance: > 20m

Identification distance: > 5m

Signal-to-noise ratio: SNR > 63dB

Operating temperature: -20°C - 80°C

Sound source location: Horizontal 360°

Location accuracy: ±12°

Support keyword wakeup, sound source location, noise suppression and VAD

System/ software Support Buildroot,

Support the conversational artificial intelligence operating system: DuerOS,

Amazon AVS(Alexa Voice Service)

System/Service Ali embedded operating system of IOT: AliOS Things,

Open source robot operating system: ROS (Robot Operating System)

Size 85 mm × 56 mm





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